Sunday, December 18, 2011

Knitting and Christmas!

Today I have Christmas with my Mother's Dad and Stepmother! And then we have family in on my dad's side. Plus I have GOT to finish this custom order! Busy day ahead. Here's what I've got finished so far though:

All I have left to do on this sweater is tuck in the ends and put sleeves on it!

Here's the front of the newborn dress. I coulnd't find a pattern with longsleeves, like the customer asked for, so I had to add sleeves to one that I had found.

This is the back of the dress. I just love the little buttons. :)

I also have the hat finished and I have to make two white flower clips to go with it. Then I'll be done! Woo!
Well I've got to go and work on this until we have lunch with the family. I'll try to post pictures of the Christmas party tomorrow!

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